Now that we know that Adam Sandler is giving one of his most reviled films—Grown Ups—the sequel treatment with the cleverly titled Grown Ups 2, the big question on the tip of everyone’s tongues is one and the same.  No, no “how can the world be so cruel and unfair as to unleash this horror upon us?”  Rather, it is “which Twilight star known for wooden and stilted acting could be added to the hilarity and hijinks of Grown Ups 2?”  And your answer, America, is Taylor Lautner.

That’s right, the Mini-Me version of circa-All The Right Moves Tom Cruise will be joining returning cast members Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph and Salma Hayek.  So, just in case you were thinking that life or modern cinema couldn’t get any worse once Grown Ups 2 was announced, well, it kind of just got worse.

Lautner’s role is being described as “a fun turn which will have the young actor going toe-to-toe with Sandler in some fashion.”  Or, as I call the role, “something I have to write about because Easter week is always a slow news week so now I have to fashion some kind of news item about a handsome non-actor scoring a role in the sequel to one of the more reviled comedic films of the past 10 years.”

What do you think of the Lautner addition?

Source:  First Showing