I’m guessing Universal didn’t think American Reunion was going to be going up against such heavy competition, but it looks like the reissue of Titanic is already making money. It did $4.7 Million on the day it opened, which is impressive for a three hour plus movie that’s been on home video since 1998. And then there’s The Hunger Games. Busy weekend…

American Reunion is coming 13 years after the third film in the cycle, and though the premise of a reunion is solid, one wonders if the same audience that turned all three previous films into hundred million-plus hits will come back for reheated leftovers. I guess it’s impressive that the entire cast came back in the same way that reunion tours are sort of interesting. But, really, who among them – other than Alyson Hannigan – would have been all that hard to get? The other films were late summer releases, this is an early April title. April used to be dumping grounds, but now every month has a big release or two. Still, I think this was plotted to go up against much weaker competition, and that it’s going to crack $20 Million is good, but were it not surrounded by other films it might have done a pinch better.

Titanic is already out, and already performing strong. I don’t mind 3-D retrofits in that it seems the only way to get studios to reissue older movies. In the era of home video, there’s only so many theaters in the world that specialize in playing classics, and most in America are either in New York or Los Angeles. And with many of those theaters converting to digital, it’s like going to see a projected Blu-ray. That said, I’ve never much cared for the film, because its third act gets its juice from watching the Titanic sink, and I can’t derive pleasure watching a real tragedy turned into action spectacle. It’s one of the biggest films of all time, up there with Gone with the Wind and Avatar, so obviously I’m in the minority on that one. Which is why the film should do in the mid $20′s for the weekend.

And then there’s The Hunger Games, which has been slipping, but should be close to $300 Million come Sunday. It’s a shockingly strong weekend of movies for what used to be the dead season, though things should slow down before The Avengers starts the summer season. Then again, it all depends; Cabin in the Woods and The Three Stooges could do a lot of business.

So let’s predict, shall we?

  1. The Hunger Games – $28.5 Million
  2. Titanic – $23.8 Million
  3. American Reunion - $20.5 Million
  4. Wrath of the Titans - $14.3 Million
  5. Mirror Mirror – $12 Million

I’m going low, figuring Easter weekend will hurt. Reunion could be much bigger, but the tepid reviews make me think it’s DOA.

What are you going to see this weekend?