Remember the 1999 reboot of The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser (assuming that any movie can really “star” Brendan Fraser), which was then made into sequels as well as Scorpion King spin-offs until the already-diluted franchise finally petered out to a sad, whimpering end?  Well, Universal sure remembers, which is why they’ve decided to do it all over again—that’s right, Universal is rebooting the 1999 Mummy reboot.  Why?  Because it’s there, of course.

It’s a decision that would make a certain amount of sense, were it not for the fact that the last Universal movie monster remake, The Wolfman, was a cruel and hideously malformed piece of cynical product.  That said, franchise producer Sean Daniel seems awfully excited about the Mummy reboot, which he calls “the sort of opportunity I had with Prometheus: to go back to a franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material, and simultaneously open it up to an epic scale we haven’t seen before,” because, gosh, think about all the things we can do with filmmaking now that we couldn’t do five years ago, right?

Translation?  It’s going to be the same old Mummy story, but now it will be in 3D, which means Universal will be able to charge higher ticket prices on a property they didn’t have to purchase, because they already own it.  How exciting is that?

What do you think of the The Mummy news?

Source: The AV Club