With the release of The Avengers now just a month away (May 4), it seems every day there’s a new ad, clip or poster for the summer’s first big event film. The latest is a clip of Scarlet Johansson laying the smack down on some bad guys–all while she’s tied to a chair. We’ve seen her in action mode before in Iron Man 2, but this looks like an early scene in the film meant to establish her physical prowess. Check it out.

The clip is everything that’s expected of the movie. It’s got action, and it’s got jokes.  In fact, there seems to be a lot of comedy in the film, as little has been revealed from the The Avengers that doesn’t have some sort of ironic or iconic punchline. But that’s expected from Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed the picture.

It will be interesting to see why they let her talk on the phone when she’s tied up. Bet it’s a cute moment. Johansson (and her stunt double) exude confidence in this sequence, but – visually – Johansson’s outfit makes it hard to concentrate on her action moves. That’s not just bawdy objectification – her frame and outfit work against her butt-kicking, or perhaps it’s the head-butt that doesn’t seem to land (I guess she’s whipping him with her hair). Whatever, none of it takes away from the film, which is going to be huge.

When do you plan to see The Avengers?