Bad news for fans of Dances With Wolves in Ferngully the Last Rainforest Avatar—Fox had previously announced that the sequel, Avatar 2, would have a 2014 release date, with Avatar 3 to quickly follow in 2015.  However, as /Film points out, Avatar 2 has no green light or official cast, and with James Cameron busying himself with Titanic 3D and making record-busting deep sea dives, the sequel seems to be pushed ever further in the future—so much so that producer Jon Landau has hinted that the earliest we’d see anything from Avatar 2 may not be until 2016.

At a Titanic 3D screening that took place earlier this year, Landau, James Cameron’s long-running producer, stated that Avatar 2 is “likely four years away.”

In a more recent interview, Landau clarified, stating that “movies make release dates; release dates don’t make movies. We want to get it right,” which is something of a relief, as so many films in Hollywood are dictated by a pre-set release date.   Landau also stated that the film’s special effects teams are “working on environments, they are working on…some of the movie is going to be underwater, how do we do performance capture underwater.”  That said, the fact that Landau has stated that Avatar 2 is at least four years off means that you folks suffering from Pandora-withdrawal are going to have to keep up the cosplay for just a little longer.

What do you think of the Avatar 2 news?