The best thing that can be said about the new trailer for Rock of Ages, a modern musical about ‘80s Sunset Strip rock/hair metal, is that, um, well gosh, it sure is shiny and bright.  That’s something, right?  I mean, someone must want to see Tom Cruise play an amalgamation of Jon Bon Jovi, David Coverdale, and Steve Perry, backed by a soundtrack that sounds like the cast of Glee discovering a mixtape cassette in the back of a 1985 Toyota Hatchback parked a block down from the Whiskey a Go Go.  Right?

While the film’s first trailer gave us the basic plot pitch—a young rock fan wants to be the next big thing and emulates Tom Cruise’s rocker character, all while a conservative coalition rallies to put an end to the devil’s music—the new trailer goes deeper with a more character beats.  And by “deeper with more character beats,” I mean that we see Alec Baldwin with a wig and playing air-guitar, while Tom Cruise shepherds a pet monkey.

One can assume the film will appeal to the Glee and Hairspray audience will flock to this film, but it’s unclear if Rock of Ages will have the legs to maintain any kind of decent box office or viewership beyond that.   Only time, and perhaps Tom Cruise’s perfectly maintained coif, will tell.  Rock of Ages debuts on June 15.

What did you think of the new Rock of Ages trailer?

Source: /Film