Gossip Girl returned with full force last night. It was an episode filled with blackmail, threats, bad sex, good sex, and take downs. Ivy is still living large at Lily’s former loft; and Lily and co. are still slumming it in Brooklyn. A series of new developments lie ahead for several characters, and it seems like a few ghosts will be returning. Will it be to haunt or help? This is our review of ‘Con-Heir’.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Con-Heir

Chuck wants to express his gratitude to Jack for saving his life so he takes him out for a wild night on town. Meanwhile Blair and Dan’s new romance hits a snag; Ivy gets unexpected assistance from William; and Nate tries to land an investor for The NY Spectator.

The Good:

  • Ivy Gets Shunned: Ivy is deader in the Upper East Side than Cece. She’s been publicly called out by Lily and Serena and that means that she can’t get anybody to work for her. Once again we see what a name, like Van Der Woodsen, can do in a town like this. Ivy will always be known as a con artist no matter how fat her her bank account.
  • Serena Pulls A Serena: It’s always great to see Serena ruin everything, mainly because we feel like she deserves it. Still, it is sad to see how far she’s fallen. It’s very hard to root for her at this point and it’s going to take something drastic to put her back in our good graces.
  • Man Men Reference: And leave it to Dan to say it. He walks into Nate’s office in desperate need of a drink and reveals that he and Nate have a ‘Don Draper pack’ to drink at work.

The Bad:

  • Dominic Dunne: Apparently Nate thinks Serena’s our generation’s Dominic Dunne. Thankfully we have Google.
  • Chuck Plays Jack: Chuck is a great schemer, but his tricks are getting tired. Hiring a normal kid to play a cancer patient was not clever or very entertaining.
  • Blair/Dan: One of the big draws for this episode was the sexual relationship between Dan and Blair. The previews made it seem like this could be a deal breaker for the two, but it turns out that their sexual frustrations are nothing alcohol can’t fix. In the end, Dan and Blair take the sex thing a little too far.
  • Ghosts of Chuck’s Past: Elizabeth (Chuck’s mom) might be returning. It seems like he’ll be trying to hunt her down once again. It’s just unfortunate to see Chuck in this arrested development when he could be living life, falling in love, and doing whatever the hell he wants. He’s Chuck Bass!


It was great to see the dynamic between Ivy and Lily; new money versus old money; a Florida nobody versus an old family name. This is what this show is suppose to be about (sort of reminded us of Blair and Jenny). As for the Blair and Dan storyline, that was a let down. We were hoping for a lot more drama.

Rating: 7/10

“Gossip Girl” airs at 8 p.m. on The CW.


What did you think of last night’s episode?