The battle between Troy and Abed continues, this time with blanket forts. Didn’t they do that already? Not like this. Last night’s episode of Community was colossal for Troy and Abed’s friendship. We saw the return of Air Conditioning Repair Annex head and Greendale Vice Dean Laybourne, as well as some fresh faces like Subway. No, not the sandwich shop.  Check our review below…

The Players:

The Plot:

The new sandwich shop, Subway, officially opens in the cafeteria making Shirley, Pierce and Britta very angry. The three discuss ways to take down Subway so that Shirley can have the space back, but discover that Subway has hired people to act as advertisers called ‘corpo-humanoids’. Shirley and Pierce convince Britta to charm the corpo-humanoid named Subway, but the plan backfires. Meanwhile, Jeff discovers that he’s got a locker and a new hater named Kim. Annie convinces Jeff to apologize for being shallow; the problem is Kim isn’t who she seems. Elsewhere, Troy and Abed decide to build a pillow fort, but eventually turn against each other when Troy wants to set the world record for longest blanket fort and Abed doesn’t.

The Good:

  • Britta, Subway And A Love That Cannot Be: Community took product placement to a whole new level this week. I always admired the way 30 Rock was able to disguise product placement by putting a guy in Snapple’s suit and show him walking out of an elevator, but props to Community for being more clever. They used an actual human to represent Subway and then made the whole thing into one quirky love story.
  • Laybourne Returns: Vice Dean Laybourne returns with a newly grown goatee and ponytail. He’s got a super evil agenda to split up Troy and Abed and uses Inspector Spacetime to pin the two against each other and eventually start a war… John Goodman, who acts as Laybourne, makes a great evil guy. We even get to see him in a onesie.
  • Battle Of The Blanket Forts: At first it seems as if Troy and Abed are back to normal. The two decide to build a pillow fort, which is unlike their blanket fort we saw in “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”, but Laybourne’s evil agenda makes them turn on each other and a war begins. No one likes to see Troy and Abed mad at each other because they are great as a couple, it’s Troyandabed. One word. At the same time it’s a bold move by the writers. This is a new angle that’ll stay with us for a long time. We’re ready for Part II of this war, and we really hope it has a happy ending. Also worth noting is the incredible moment when Troy’s army and Abed’s army go up against each other Gangs of New York style.
  • Pierce’s Microphone/Mini-Flask: Pierce gets a pen that’s also a microphone that’s also mini-flask. The only problem is that it’s not really a mini-flask and Pierce mistakenly drinks ink. Priceless.

The So-So:

  • Jeff Gets A Hater: The joke here is that Jeff easily forgets people, in this case Kim. But like Kim, the Jeff/Annie subplot is pretty forgettable. There are a few good moments of Jeff acting like a complete asshole, which we like, and Annie acting like the sweet and innocent teen who never forgot about her kiss with Jeff. It was more of the same – Jeff realizing he’s a self-centered jerk who needs to be more considerate of other people. This time his shirt doesn’t come off though, which is unfortunate.

The Quotable:

  • “I am not a whore, and not that I’ve done the math, but if I were, I’d be the super classy kind who gets flown to Dubai to stay in an underwater hotel.”
  • “I was going to invest in IBM in 1952. But life is full of disappointments.”
  • “This pen is a microphone. It’s also a mini-flask.”
  • “Britta, you’re a progressive woman of a more liberated looseness.”
  • “Microphones hidden in lipstick. Lipstick hidden in microphones. And the deadliest weapon of them all: the penis fly trap.”


A lot of interesting things happened during this episode, plus we got to see John Goodman return as Laybourne. Mainly it was great that the writers chose to go with other plots and not just revolve the episode around the war that’s happening between Try and Abed, which is a good excuse for why the others in the group aren’t more involved in this dwindling friendship, and an excuse for Part II.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Community” airs Thursdays nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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