At a time when advertising for films is so bankrupt and bereft of ideas that we’re forced to watch trailers for upcoming trailers, there’s something quite refreshing about a movie preview that is not only more clever and creative than the other ads around it, but almost seems sharper than some of the entire films that play after it.  Such is the case with the House at the End of the Street trailer, which features Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.   The trailer plays like a two minute version of Memento, starting at the end of the film, and working its way back to the beginning.  Check it out below.

The very clever ad features Lawrence and her on-screen mother Elizabeth Shue moving into a house that’s been made affordable by the murder that took place next door (nothing like a good killing to drop property values in a neighborhood).  Of course, this being a horror film, buried secrets don’t stay secrets for long and quick-moving and scary-looking little girls start running around, with the whole enterprise looking like a modern day recasting of early Wes Craven/ Tobe Hooper thrills (in a PG-13 context).

In fact, one gets the feeling that the trailer may be far more entertaining and clever than the film itself.  However, only time will tell on that score.  The House at the End of the Street opens on September 21.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film