When is a Bond Girl not a “Bond Girl?” Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe are joining Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Judi Dench in Skyfall, and both seem, superficially, like BGs. But are there rules? Do you have to – at the very least – make a pass at James Bond to join the club? Perhaps director Sam Mendes is the final arbiter, but it seems unlikely that Dench is a “Bond Girl.”  Harris and Marlohe have posted video blogs about the shoot, and Bond Girls, and you can check them out after the jump.

In her video, Harris is shown shooting guns and seems to be professional in a way that may mean that she’s just a colleague or foe for Craig’s James Bond.  With Bond still mourning the death of Vesper Lynd, perhaps there’s no time for love.
Video: 007 Skyfall featurette – Naomie Harris video blog

While Harris may or may not be a love interest, Marlohe definitely plays to the stereotypes of Bond girl: she’s glamorous, foreign and possibly deadly in her video. From what they show and what she says, she seems the classic bad Bond girl. They’re the ones who sleep with Bond and then die (trying to kill him before, during or after is optional).

Skyfall is set to open November 9, and this Bond seems to understand modern movie marketing, so these videos are going to be the first in a line of such previews. And with the big box set of all the Bond films hitting Blu-ray around the same time, November’s going to a be a very big month for James Bond.

What do you want most out of the latest Bond episode?