The long-awaited fifth season premiere of Mad Men (check out our review here) contained a bevy of memorable scenes, from the introduction of race as a primary theme, to Don Draper’s post-birthday meltdown—but there was one moment that even the characters in the show couldn’t stop talking about afterward: Megan’s (Jessica Pare) slinky/ bizarre performance of the minor French pop oddity “Zou Bisou Bisou” during Don’s birthday party.

Immediately after the episode aired, curious fans took to the internet to investigate the song (originally recorded in 1961 by Gillian Hills).  In response, AMC has wasted no time—Pare’s version of the track has already been released to iTunes, and has rocketed to the top of the iTunes’ download list.

But that’s not all—AMC has also pressed the song to wax, so now the discriminating hipster fans of Mad Men can buy the song as a 7” vinyl single on the AMC website.  The song will also be released on Amazon as well as in stores.

Previously, “Zou Bisou Bisou” had been performed by Sophia Loren in 1960s film The Millionairess.  The song’s title roughly translates as “Oh, You, Kiss Kiss.”

Oh, in case you’re one of the four people living in a cave, or maybe just at the bottom of the ocean, and missed the episode (and don’t mind light spoilers), you can check out a clip of Pare’s performance during “A Little Kiss” below:

What do you think of Pare’s performance?

Source: CBS News