One week ago, we reported to you that Michael Bay will be producing a reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in which the half-shelled heroes are aliens instead of mutated turtles, and aren’t actually teenagers.  Fan reaction to Twenty-Something Ninja Aliens (which doesn’t sound half bad, actually, especially compared to the bland real title, Ninja Turtles) exploded online, prompting Bay to respond with all the subtlety and aplomb that a man who directs films about walking trucks from space having fistfights can muster.  And now, Bay has spoken out again.

In response to fan furor over the simplification of the franchise’s name to Ninja Turtles, Bay released another official statement, this time assuring fans that he and director Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) will handle the TMNT reboot with all the deftness, wit and dedication to the craft that they bestowed upon such films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Island, Pearl Harbor, and Bad Boys II:

“Paramount marketing changed the name. They made the title simple. The characters you all remember are exactly the same, and yes they still act like teenagers. Everything you remember, why you liked the characters, is in the movie. This script is being developed by two very smart writers, with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles. They care VERY MUCH about making this film for the fans. Everyone on this team cares about the fans. Just give them a chance. Jonathan the director, is a major fan of the whole franchise. HE’S NOT GOING TO LET YOU DOWN.


So there you have it, Turtle fans.  You have absolutely nothing to worry about (assuming you never saw Battle: Los Angeles or any of the Transformers films, that is), so you can now rest easy.  Also, can someone help me secure the copyright to Twenty-Something Ninja Aliens?  I smell a franchise.

What do you think of the TMNT news?

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