He may be, by all accounts, a dictatorial machine while on the sets of his films, but you’ve got to hand it to director James Cameron (Avatar, Terminator 2)—the man commits.   The man who directed The Abyss, and who has long had a passion for oceanography, spent last Sunday completing the deepest solo ocean dive ever.  So…what did you do with your weekend?

That’s right, the 57 year old director spent three hours at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, “gliding through the icy darkness, illuminated only by special lights on the one-man sub he helped design.”  Cameron went down seven miles in his custom made submersible, known as the Deepsea Challenger, making him the first human explorer of the Mariana Trench since 1960.

Of course, Cameron being Cameron, he filmed the voyage in 3D for later viewing.  The director also stated that he plans to continue making such deep sea dives in the same area, and to continue gathering footage of the area only fleetingly glimpsed by human eyes.

It was also a risky endeavor, with Cameron wedged into a cramped submersible that shrunk about three inches due to the intense water pressure at that depth (the Chicago Tribune points out that it was “comparable to three SUVs resting on a toe”).  But, according to Cameron, it was worth the risk:

It’s not a one-time deal and then moving on.  This is the beginning of opening up this new frontier…To me, the story is in the people in their quest and curiosity and their attempt to understand.

What do you think of Cameron’s journey?