This week’s episode of Nikita plays it close to the vest. “Arising” is all about family and what you’re willing to sacrifice for those you love. Nikita and Michael travel to Russia where they follow his baby mama Cassandra, who’s been identified as a mole for Gogol. Meanwhile, Alex is dealing with her own issues, namely Semak and the disappearance of her mother.

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The Players

  • Director: Karen Gaviola
  • Writer: Andrew Colville
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Helena Mattsson, Sarah Clarke, Dillon Casey, Peter Outerbridge

Episode Title: “Arising”

Thanks to Alex, Michael and Nikita learn that Cassandra’s (guest star Helena Mattson) a double agent.They travel to Russia to intercept, what they think is her attempt on Semak’s life. In reality, Cassandra’s a pawn in Ari’s (guest star Peter Outerbridge) scheme to pin Semak’s murder on MI6. After discovering the truth, Michael and Nikita work together to save Cassandra from both agencies. Alex’s mother Katya (guest star Sarah Chalke) runs away to their vacation home in the Ambramtsevo forest to escape Semak. Alex eventually finds her but she’s surrounded by Division agents. The duo’s faced with a deadly ultimatum — sign over Zetrov to Ari and Amanda or else!

The Good:

  • Ari pulls triple duty: The Academy Award for best traitor in an unsanctioned agency goes to… Ari Tasarov. This week, he had a hand in everything. First, he shot Semak and blamed it on MI6, then he set up Alex and her mother and lastly he leaked Cassandra’s Gogol file. Ari accomplished more in a few hours than we’ve seen some characters do in a whole season.
  • Mortal combat: Over the past few episodes, Nikita’s action scenes have focused more on gun-play than fights. It’s unfortunate because Maggie Q is capable of doing stunts and hand-to-hand combat. Lucky for us, “Arising” brought it back to the forefront. Nikita was jumping off dumpsters, doing high kicks and even leg-grabs (Sonya Blade style). Shootouts are fine, but nothing beats an old-fashioned brawl.
  • Who’s killing who?: After Ari burned Cassandra to MI6, Nikita and Michael decided to help fake her death. They rented a private plane, which Nikita flew (Is there anything she can’t do?), and made everyone believe Cassandra was on it. In midair, it exploded giving MI6 the impression that Gogol planted a bomb and vice versa. Both groups think she met her maker.
  • Personal sacrifice: If you didn’t get misty-eyed at the end of this episode you have no soul. If Alex and Katya didn’t get you, Michael, Cassandra and Max should have. Alex finally found her mother, but instead of joining her in Greece, she opted to stay behind. She realized her work with Nikita wasn’t done. Michael was given a choice to go away with Cassandra and Max but also decided against it. He didn’t want to risk bringing more danger into their lives. Nikita said it best, giving up his son was more than a sacrifice it was “an act of grace.” We don’t know what’s worse, Michael never seeing Max again or Max never learning he’s his real father?
  • Acting: The farewell scenes were real tearjerkers. Every actor brought their A-game. Shane West and Helena Mattsson were terrific, and even little Illarion Unhuryan (Max) tugged at our heart strings. Bravo!

The Bad:

  • None: There was betrayal, action, emotion and everything in between.


“Arising” gave some much needed closure. Michael and Alex saved their respective families, while Nikita moved on from Carla’s death. With those obstacles out of the way, the team can regroup and refocus. It’s time to get back to Percy, Amanda, Ari and whoever else in waiting in the wings.

Rating: 10/10

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW

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