The long-delayed Cabin in the Woods is about to hit theaters, and word on it has been absolutely stellar. It played like gangbusters to the SXSW crowd, and Joss Whedon‘s looking for a month of big wins if audiences go for this (and that other picture of his, The Avengers). He co-wrote this with Drew Godard – who also directed – and now we’re starting to get some clips. Check the first one out…

The clip offers two horror sets ups in one: a Truth or Dare contest and a basement in a cabin. Wonder if someone’s going to go down there, and wonder if there’s something spooky in it? Well the answers aren’t in the clip, which only sets up the possibilities. That said, it looks confidently directed in this brief sampling.

Of course, it’s hard not to mention the film’s production troubles, as it was sitting in a can (in the woods) for over a year as MGM sorted out their money issues and the film finally found a home at Lionsgate – which is probably where it should have been in the first place. Lionsgate has been one of the few studios who’ve really kept an eye on the horror genre, and they know how to market this stuff pretty well. We’ll know more for sure when the film hits theaters April 13.

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