It’s been a big day in the world of entertainment news blurbs today, with various rumors/ news bits leaking about the possible casting of Johnny Depp in Beetlejuice 2, what is sounding more and more like the downfall of the American version of The Office, a rumored “four hour” version of The Dark Knight Rises, and scattered bits and pieces concerning things as varied as another live episode of 30 Rock and the next horrible Brett Ratner film.  Dig the news below.

  • Johnny Depp to Appear in Beetlejuice 2?: Less a confirmation than a refusal to deny, the writer of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows adaptation, Seth Grahame-Smith, spoke with MTV about the possible Beetlejuice sequel.  When asked if longtime Burton collaborator Johnny Depp would appear in the long-awaited sequel, Grahame-Smith didn’t say yes, but also “didn’t deny it.” [/Film]
  • Bad News for Fans of The OfficeStill reeling from the loss of Steve Carell, The Office is not only looking at losing the character of Dwight (who’s getting his own spin-off, The Farm) and actress Mindy Kaling (who has a new pilot with Fox), but showrunner Paul Lieberstein, who also plays the wussy HR rep Toby.  Lieberstein is taking  reduced role with The Office in order to now focus on The Farm.  And now that talks have stalled with remaining cast members Ed Helms, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and B.J. Novak, it looks like The Office may be closing for good. [The AV Club]
  • Netflix May Save The River:  If you hadn’t noticed (and you’d be forgiven for missing it), ABC has all but cancelled the troubled new series The River.  However, it looks as if Netflix will be adding the show to its growing roster of original programming, and is currently in talks to pick up the program. [Deadline]
  • 30 Rock Goes Live:  In 2010, 30 Rock aired a pretty fantastic live episode.  And now, Alec Baldwin has let it slip that they’re doing it again, this time on April 26th. [TV Line]
  • The Dark Knight Rises Won’t Hit Four Hours:  Despite a wild internet rumor to the contrary, Batman News has disappointed die hard Batty fans by clearing things up: the film will be nowhere near that long. [Batman News]
  • Brett Ratner to Ruin Another Franchise:  Just as he helped to topple the Hannibal Lector franchise with his bland and faceless Red Dragon, Brett Ratner is now in talks to direct the sequel to Midnight Run, the 1988 buddy-comedy crime film starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin.  A Brett Ratner film starring Charles Grodin?  Gee, where do we sign up?! [Deadline]