You have to give it to Peter and Bobby Farrelly. Few filmmakers would make a restaging of The Three Stooges into a passion project, but for them it’s the dream of a lifetime. And now it’s about to hit theaters starring Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso, and a host of cameos. Here’s the final trailer for the film – which sells it as the proto-Jackass. Take a look…

As to be expected there is a symphony of slapping, and comic violence a plenty. Those who grew up on the Home Alone films, Looney Tunes or the original shorts may enjoy this sort of mad-cap violence. As we’re less than a month away from release, it’s good there’s something new, though it feels like a quiet launch.

With these three leading men, it’s fair to say this wasn’t an expensive gamble, while the April 13 release date suggests less confidence from 20th Century Fox. This level of slapstick violence is old fashioned, and this film seems geared towards young boys and old fans. There’s a knee-jerk reaction that this is one of the more terrible things that studios have done – I get that – but it also seems a faithful recreation of the tone and spirit of the original Three Stooges. What that’s worth in 2012 will be determined April 13.