Because it’s a necessary and organic plot development that in no way is trying to exploit the controversy generated by its former star, Two and a Half Men will feature an upcoming storyline in which the ghost of Charlie Sheen’s character (who was killed off to explain Sheen’s termination from the program), returns to haunt the remaining 1.5 men, as well as his replacement, Ashton Kutcher.    And no, Sheen will not be playing his famous character—Kathy Bates will be.

In the episode, which will air on April 30, features Jon Cryer’s character suffering a minor heart attack and ending up in a hospital, where he is visited by the ghost of Charlie Sheen’s character.  Apparently, the storyline will revolve around how, in the afterlife, our souls are transformed into large older women who were really great in Misery and About Schmidt.  Or it’s just a cheap cash-in on the Charlie Sheen controversy/memes, which only makes the show about a year late in terms of jumping on the bandwagon.

Still, anything is better than actually having to listen to Charlie Sheen being back on television, right?  One more “Winning!” or “tiger blood” might cause me to have an aneurism, and I’m just not ready to hit the light at the end of the tunnel and turn into Kathy Bates just yet.

What do you think of the news?

Source: The AV Club