There have been a number of surprise reveals in the past three episodes of AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Deadfair warning: there will be spoilers after the jump—but the one that may draw the largest amount of applause from fans of the original comic book series that the show is based upon came on Sunday night (read our review of the episode, “Beside the Dying Fire,” here), with the introduction of a fan-favorite character from the graphic novel.

The Walking Dead has upped its game of late with numerous surprises: the death of Gale, the death of Shane, the revelation that all human beings are infected with the zombie virus and are doomed to “walk” moments after they die, and the emergence of a dark, dictatorial edge within our hero, Rick Grimes.  But the biggest and most satisfying surprise for fans of the original comic book series may have come towards the end of “Beside the Dying Fire,” when a mysterious cloaked figure with two zombie slaves and a katana arrived to save Andrea from a zombie attack.

Fans will recognize the mysterious character as Michonne, a badass character from the graphic novel.  The Talking Dead revealed that she will be played by Danai Gurira (Treme, The Visitor) in Season Three.  Says showrunner Glen Mazzarra, “We know that she’s a loner, we know she kicks ass. But we have some other traits about that her that are not in the comic book that we’ll deviate,” indicating that just reading the graphic novel is not enough to predict where The Walking Dead will go next.  And, as long as it doesn’t go back to the shoddy first half of Season Two, that’s more than fine.

What do you think of the new TWD character?


Source: THR