In the past, ScreenCrave’s Mali Elfman has shared with you her personal journey as an independent filmmaker. Previously, she took you behind-the-scenes of her first feature Do Not Disturb, which was successfully picked up by Warner Bros. early last year (and which you can now stream on Netflix!). Lately, our editor-in-chief has been busy putting together another project, this time with the help of Fallback Plan Productions.  Together, they will be producing writer/director Mike Flanagan‘s next project, Scare Dares.  Check out the details after the jump!

Indie company Fallback Plan Productions just announced their next project, Scare Dares, which was co-written with Jeff Howard and will be directed by Flanagan (who previously helmed the award-winning horror feature, Absentia). Mali is joining Flanagan and his Absentia cast and crew on this new project about a group of friends who venture out into the haunted hills of central California in search of paranormal phenomena.

The Scare Dares cast includes Justin Gordon, Morgan Peter Brown, Courtney Bell, Katie Parker, and Dave Levine. In the past we’ve gotten the chance to talk to a few of these actors, and you can feel free to check out those interviews (Justin Gordon Interview, Mike Flanagan and Courtney Bell Interview).

We’re very excited that our very own Mali will be a apart of this project. We’ll definitely be giving you the inside scoop on how this project is going, and we will be following it every step of the way. Best of luck to the cast and crew of Scare Dares!

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