Though most of its competition was slightly older, 21 Jump Street outperformed expectations this weekend and opened to $35 Million. For those hoping for good news when it comes to John Carter, alas, that ship has sailed. It was a big weekend for Channing Tatum, but also the quiet before The Hunger Games storm. Check out the numbers…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 21 Jump Street
$35,000,000 $11,214 $35,000,000
2 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $22,800,000 (-41.3%) $6,049 $158,400,000
3 John Carter $13,515,000 (-55.2%) $3,605 $53,172,000
4 Project X $4,005,000 (-64.1%) $1,371 $48,131,000
5 A Thousand Words $3,750,000 (-39.3%) $1,979 $12,103,000
6 Act of Valor  $3,678,000 (-47.4%) $1,330 $62,398,000
7 Safe House $2,800,000 (-41.7%) $1,458 $120,200,000
8 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $2,460,000 (-31.9%) $1,271 $95,066,000
9 Casa De Mi Padre $2,200,000 $5,759 $2,200,000
10 This Means War $2,125,000 (-43.4%) $1,280 $50,525,000

21 Jump Street cost $42 Million (reportedly), and it looks to be on its way to a $100 Million plus total. The film plays with an audience, so they’ll probably be making a sequel. This is a big win for both Jonah Hill (whose last starring role was in The Sitter, which bombed) and for Channing Tatum, who will have two hundred-plus titles by the end of April. Everyone comes out of this one looking good.

The Lorax is on its way to a $200 total, maybe a little bit more. Universal studios is already looking to do more Dr. Seuss, so you can tell they are happy with the numbers. Last weekend Disney trumpted John Carter‘s international numbers, but this weekend they didn’t have those numbers ready in time. Carter is over $50 Million domestic, but it will not crack $100 at this point, so it really is all about international.

Casa De Mi Padre opened strong in limited release. That could be the star power of Will Ferrell, but the film came across as weird, and when you have a site like Latino Review finding the whole project insulting, it’s likely there was some animus for the film from some quarters. It’s possible they could expand their runs next week, but the money for this one will likely be in home video rentals and sales. Otherwise, there’s not much to report.

Reality Check: When I wrote my predictions, I thought 21 Jump Street would do over $30 Million, so I was off a little there, and went a little high on Carter and Project X, which felt more of a sting from Jump Street. And I didn’t think A Thousand Words would hold so strong that it would crack the top five, but I am currently feeling no shame in my game.

What did you watch this weekend?