There are any number of reasons to want to be at the WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend: the bevy of comic book writers and artists in attendance, the sneak peeks at new TV shows (like this one for The Secret Circle),  hobnobbing with fellow pop culture nerds, you name it.  That said, there is one reason above all others—to view the IMAX trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  Well, now you can skip the long haul to Orange County, because we have the trailer below.  And it is spectacular—check it out.

While the teaser only provided near-subliminal snippets, the full trailer features a bevy of stellar SFX, action, minor plot reveals, and sweaty, horrified tension.  There’s even a shot of a “Space Jockey” creature from the first Alien film.  Dig it:

While Scott has been ambiguous as to how this film connects with the Alien franchise that he launched in 1979 (it’s been variously stated that this is a sequel, a prequel, a loose “reimagining,” to be being wholly unrelated to the Alien franchise), the shot of the Jockey indicates that we’re at least in the same universe as the original Alien.   Now we just have to wait until June 8th to see the film in IMAX 3D before we know how solid the connection is between Ridley’s sci-fi classic and his newest mind-bender.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source:  Cinema Blend