The last time we saw “Nikita” the poo had hit the fan. Amanda and Ari’s relationship had been exposed (thanks to Carla) and it left everyone in shock. So what now? It looks like Gogol and Division are in cahoots and Percy can’t have that. In this week’s episode titled, “Doublecross,” the former Division director tries to cause a riff between the lovebirds.

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The Players

  • Director: Eagle Egilsson
  • Writer: Kristen Reidel
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Noah Bean, Dillon Casey, Erica Gimpel

Episode Title: “Doublecross”

Division is on the brink of a revolt after several agents are killed. Amanda believes Percy’s behind the murders, but he’s implicating Gogol, and contacts Nikita for help. If Nikita captures and brings her Percy, she’ll release the prisoner, Ryan Fletcher. Meanwhile, Alex is still in Russia making her presence known. Sean makes a surprise appearance as her personal bodyguard. Carla’s two-timing ways finally catch up to her when her relationship with Percy is exposed.

The Good:

  • Fletch lives!: Ryan finally got out of that Division cell and those God awful pajamas. He’s a free man, which means we could see more of him in future episodes. Him and Nikita’s reunion was a real tearjerker, but did you notice Michael’s reaction? He looked over his shoulder and gave them the side eye. He was probably thinking, “First Owen, and now this guy.”
  • The student becomes the master: We’re so happy Nikita and company were hip to Carla’s ways. In this episode, her betrayal was more blatant, which is why we’re not surprised she was caught. She got sloppy. We were hoping Nikita would see through her lies and she did.
  • Sean: Sean seemed like a different character this week. He was more carefree. He was cracking jokes with Alex and being really supportive about her search for her mother. Is this the new and improved Sean?
  • Sneaky girl: In the show’s final moments, we discover Cassandra’s a Gogol agent. And she’s been hired to kill Semak. Judging from next week’s preview, that won’t go over well with Michael. We can’t wait!

The Bad:

  • Carla: In the words of “Community,” “Carla, you’re the worst!” Her obsession with Division almost rivals Percy’s. She sounded like a broken record in this episode. We understand what Division was, but that’s not what it currently is — deal with it! Plus, she consistently allowed her hatred for Amanda to cloud her judgement. We’re happy she bit the dust. Goodbye and good riddance.
  • Sir Talk-alot: Can Percy talk himself out of anything? Whenever he’s in a bind he yaps it up until reinforcements come (we’re looking at you Roan). It works every time and it’s boring. It’s repetitive. Nobody’s that smooth. Nobody.


This week’s episode brought two great things: Ryan’s freedom and Carla’s Death. Also, it kick-started a storyline that will carry over into next week. Cassandra’s back and she’s dirtier than ever.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Nikita” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW

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