Stop your crying and wipe your tears, NBC’s little “Community” is back. It’s been three-months since we last saw the Greendale gang, but after last night’s episode it felt like the show never went off the air. ‘Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts’ opens at the cafeteria, with everyone joined at a table talking and whining about the lack of a coffee shop. Suddenly, Andre appears, gets on his knees and proposes to Shirley for a second time. That’s where the episode really takes off.

The Players:

The Plot:

Andre and Shirley plan to remarry, throwing Annie and Britta into wedding-planning mode. Meanwhile Jeff prepares a speech while Troy and Abed practice acting normal. Elsewhere, Pierce and Shirley present a sandwich-shop proposal to Dean Pelton.

The Good:

  • Wedding On My Mind:  Everyone’s storyline revolves around the wedding. Jeff, who is famously known for his amazing speeches, is asked to give a toast at Shirley’s wedding, but gets writer’s block because of his own personal feelings towards marriage. Britta, famous for being anti-everything, offers to help plan the wedding so that Shirley can get back on track to opening her own business. Basically, everyone’s story arc has something to do with the wedding, or the idea of marriage. It was impressive to see all of the characters interact and grow because of this one event.
  • Say No To Marriage: Britta and Jeff get ultra hammered at the wedding rehearsal. Both of them try to avoid their real feelings about marriage, but eventually it all comes pouring out. We find out Britta has marriage in her “stupid DNA” and thus destined to be with someone for the rest of her life, or so she thinks. Jeff has major daddy issues, which we know, but still, he gives an emotional and very funny speech about marriage being a lie. Overall, we learn a little more about Jeff and Britta. Not everything is news, but hey, these are issues people hold on to for years, ask any therapist.
  • Shirley Shines: Shirley really gets a chance to shine. We’re reminded of why she came to Greendale in the first place, in hopes of one day opening her own business. Her relationship with Pierce grows stronger as he reveals a painful secret. Also, that well-known baby voice of hers is actually her sexy voice for Andre.
  • Let’s Be Normal: At Shirley’s request, Troy and Abed try to act normal by giving themselves a 24-hour “power down” period in the Dreamatorium to get all of the weirdness out of their system and be totally normal for Shirley’s wedding. They succeed, but ultimately realize that it’s not who they are. Still, no one does normal better than them, and no one does weird better than them either. They’re just all-around entertaining.
  • “A Wealthy Murderer”: Pierce makes a dashing entrance at the beginning of the episode. He walks in looking like, “a wealthy murderer”, according to Troy, and shares his plans to start a new business. Shirley jumps on board and the two start brainstorming. Later he reveals that he’s unemployed though still very wealthy. He’s obviously depressed and hurt that he was fired from Hawthorne Wipes, but that’s barely touched upon. We expect he’ll have another life crisis.
  • End Tag – Pierce V. Ice-Cream Machine: Back at the cafeteria, Pierce breaks the ice-cream machine. He tries to save the ice-cream by putting into cones, but it’s just too much to handle. He eventually gives up.

The Bad:

  • Not Enough!: There wasn’t much of Annie in this episode. All we learn about her is that she keeps a huge scrapbook filled with wedding things she sees and likes, and that she’s kind of wedding-crazy. Also there’s no Chang, and very little of the Dean.

The Quotable:

  • “Why do you look like a wealthy murderer?”
  • “You’re anti-wedding now?”
  • “Just nut up and die alone.”
  • “We’ll try not to embarrass you at your community-college-library-wedding.”
  • “Yeah, well great, flowers look good in a pot. There are people dying in Uganda!”
  • “This may shock you Annie, but I come from a long line of wives and mothers.”
  • “It’s the Jim Belushi of speech openings—it accomplishes nothing, but everyone keeps using it and no one knows why.”
  • “Shut up Leonard! Those two teenage girls you played ping-pong with are doing it ironically. “
  • “My daddy said he would stay with my mommy forever and he left! Marriage is a lie! Nobody commits to this. Nobody stays with anybody forever so why do we keep lying!” “I’m going to stay with somebody forever!”


Great episode overall. There were plenty of interesting moments and even some character development, not to mention many hilarious jokes and gags. “Community” we sure did miss you.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Community” airs Thursdays nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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