In January, we told you that Kiefer Sutherland was still insisting that the 24 movie adaptation was going to happen “all objective evidence appears to indicate that the film does not exist, has not existed, and is currently not even in preproduction.”  Well, it turns out it was in development, but now that Sutherland is going back to work on the second season of Touch, development has been delayed.  And because Fox smells a franchise, it looks like we may be facing a 24 trilogy in the future.

Unfortunately for you, 24 fans,  Fox and Sutherland were unable to work out a deal for shooting the 24 film before Kiefer had to return to the set of Touch, leaving 24, once again, in development hell.

However, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is reportedly interested in helming the project, and the screenwriters working on the movie adaptation had planned on mapping out an entire trilogy which, one imagines, would give us three days in the life of Jack Bauer.  So, for all those out there hoping to see Sutherland foil a terror-based apocalypse three times over, keep those fingers crossed.

What do you think about the 24 news?  Will there be a 24 film?

Source: The AV Club