UPDATE: HBO has now gone beyond halting production of scenes involving animals; due to increasing animal safety issues, accidents, and the fact that “it is impossible to guarantee they won’t [happen] in the future,” HBO has cancelled Luck entirely.

“Luck” isn’t exactly a quality shared by the HBO series of the same name—the new Dustin Hoffman-starring drama, which is set in the world of horse raising, has accidentally caused the death of a third horse over the past year of filming.  And, understandably, PETA is enraged, and all filming of animals on Luck has been halted.

During filming of the series’ pilot (directed by Michael Mann), a horse incurred a severe fracture after falling while a race sequence was being shot; in a later episode, another horse was killed during filming.  Now, while shooting the beginning of Luck’s second season, a horse suffered a head injury during transport, and eventually had to be euthanized at the track where the series is filmed.  The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, and the American Humane Association is currently investigating the matter.

Now, PETA has issued a statement that no retired racehorses should have “should have been anywhere near a racetrack,” and HBO has halted all filming that concerns horses—which could put the show in a jam, seeing as how the series is completely enmeshed in the world of horse racing.  More on this as it develops.

What do you think of the Luck incident?

Source: The AV Club