The new Battleship trailer has all the beats of every modern action blockbuster trailer you’ve ever seen–let’s see:  Overwhelming usage of the teal and orange cliché?  Check.  Minor breakout role by a pop music star?  Check.  A series of shots and music married together to resemble the nearly identical moments in the Transformers trailers, all in an effort to attract the same audience that finds it necessary to spend 2.5 hours at a time watching walking trucks from space punch each other?  Check.   Oh, and the Battleship board game didn’t involve a bunch of evil robotic creatures taking over Earth.

Check out the newest Battleship trailer below:

So what did you think of the Transformers:  Ok Not Really But God, We Really Need To Gain A Chunk Of That Audience If This Load Of Crap Is Going To Float At All At The Box Office Or Overseas Markets Battleship trailer?  Pretty cool, right?  And by “cool” I mean kind of insulting and wholly unoriginal and absolutely nothing we haven’t already seen before.  But hey, it’s got a lot of things going “boom” with some robots in the background.  We need one of those films every summer,  I suppose.

Battleship opens on May 18th.

What do you think of the trailer?