The latest James Bond film has kept its plot under wraps fairly well – little is known about what happens in the film other than modest plot details. But when it comes to shooting, it’s virtually impossible to go outside and not have someone take photos. And so Oh No They Didn’t! is the first to show Javier Bardem on the set of Skyfall.

And here’s Daniel Craig looking like he means business. Of course these photos tell us very little about the film – it’s likely that Bardem is dressed up like a cop because he’s either trying to get into a secure location – or out of it – undetected. And we now know that his character has blond hair, which adds the film to the list of different hairstyles that Bardem has used over the course of his career.

Skyfall is being helmed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes , which is a strange choice post-Marc Forster‘s mostly botched action sequences in Quantum of Solace. But that movie was started during a writer’s strike, so its problems were partly unavoidable. Still, you would think they’d go with someone who can deliver a good action movie over an actor’s director.

And though Mendes may be good with actors, he’s coming off some films that didn’t that well at the box office. Which makes this look partly like a for-hire gig, so he’s not the most exciting element of this film. What is exciting is Bardem. Having won the Oscar for No Country for Old Men, he’s shown no great interest in taking paycheck gigs (unless Eat, Pray, Love counts), which suggests that what drew him to this was something meaty. Or perhaps more money than he’s ever been offered before. Still, Bardem has chosen an interesting career path, and as much as a new James Bond film is exciting, his presence ups the ante. Skyfall hits theaters November 9.

Are you excited for the new James Bond?