Yesterday, we reported that Community—NBC’s half hour comedy that has becoming a cult, fan and critical darling but still struggles in terms of ratings—would receiving the animated webisode treatment in order to satiate jittery fans who are hungrily awaiting the show’s March 15th return from an NBC-imposed hiatus.  While the jury is still out as to whether or not Community will be returning for another season, you can finish the 10 remaining episodes this spring.  How do we know?  Because there’s an awesome new trailer that tells us so (watch it after the jump).

Structured in a fashion that mocks both portentous, pretentious blockbuster trailers as well as goofily over-the-top fan-made trailers that litter YouTube, the new ad for Community’s return features an array of sharp wit, goofball humor, and dopey Michael Jackson impressions, all set to a standard “dramatic trailer” soundtrack.  Check it out:

While the trailer, nor the webisodes, in any way answer the big question (IS COMMUNITY GETTING CANCELLED OR WHAT, NBC?  AT LEAST LET US KNOW SO THAT WE MAY MOURN!), it is a pretty entertaining reminder of why Community is so beloved by its fan, well, community.

Community returns to NBC with new episodes beginning March 15.  Will you be watching?

Source:  The AV Club