For those who are without HBO, but have been hearing non-stop about the greatness of Game of Thrones, now is your chance to own it legally! It leads the pack of new releases, which include such fall winners as Jack and Jill, The Immortals, and Footloose, and catalog greats from Eddie Murphy, Ron Howard, Alfred Hitchcock, and Monty Python. Check out the best of this week’s new releases:


  • Footloose: Craig Brewer‘s modern redress of the 1980′s (possibly cheese) classic does a good job of remaking the original, though its fidelity is such that it’s probably best not to watch them too close together.
  • Immortals: The ur-300 did modestly well in its theatrical run, and director Tarsem seems like the right person to try to do a version of what made Zack Snyder‘s film so successful. Probably most notable for the casting of future Superman Henry Cavill.
  • Jack and Jill: The second Adam Sandler film of 2011 is only worth watching (if one has an infinite amount of spare time) for Al Pacino‘s loopy performance as himself. Sandler’s drag act turns out to be lazier than imagined.
  • The Skin I live In: Pedro Almodovar’s latest is a great thriller that houses a truly terrifying and original concept. I liked the film but it was a little too stately for my tastes, but both Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya give strong performances.
  • Game of Thrones: HBO’s flagship geek work melds the political machinations of The Wire with a twenty sided die. Sean Bean leads the cast, and it tells of the struggles between powerful houses looking for dominance in this medieval fantasy setting. I liked the season quite a bit, though they’ve promised a lot for the second season. Hopefully they can deliver.


  • Deer Hunter, Out of Africa, The Nutty Professor and Parenthood: Universal, honoring its 100 years producing films, has been putting out some of their best catalog titles on Blu-ray. Here you get two best picture Oscar winners, and two great comedies. Though supplements are mostly promoting that hundred years for the latter two, it’s admirable that Universal is doing this, and will lead up to both Jaws and E.T. – two of their most popular films ever.
  • To Catch a Thief: Paramount’s release of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief means that the film’s gorgeous French Riviera locations are going to look spectacular in 1080p. Though arguably minor Hitchcock, with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly as the leads the movie star magnetism makes for a fun, frothy cocktail of light Hitchcock.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail: If you grew up a nerd, then quoting this film is as easy as one, two, ni. The Blu-ray upgrade includes all the extras from previous releases, and weighs less than an African swallow.

What are you picking up this week?