In case you hadn’t heard, Lindsay Lohan brought her troubled reputation and apparent Robery Z’Dar head transplant (seriously, whatever she’s done to double the size of her face has aged Lohan about 20 years) to Saturday Night Live over the weekend, which all part of the Public Persona Rehabilitation process (she already posed in Playboy, so this is the next natural move).  And, perhaps because a hungry nation was watching to see if Lohan’s head would explode (either from stress or radical surgery), she scored SNL’s second-highest numbers of the season.

That’s right—Lohan’s episode was the second most-viewed ep of the season (behind Charles Barkley of all people, though his episode was “boosted by the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints NFL wild card playoff game, which ran long that night”).  Somehow, we just can’t look away, even though this marks Lohan’s, like, 45th comeback attempt of the past year.

The numbers are all the more surprising because Lohan’s performance, and the episode in general, were pretty sub-par, even for Saturday Night Live.  But hey, like I said, the “will her head explode?” factor is always a pretty big draw.  Check out Lohan’s opening monologue below.

What do you think of Lohan’s SNL performance?

Source:  The Washington Post