From fairy tales on, the supernatural and scary elements of children’s entertainment has long been celebrated and decried. It all depends on the kids, but for every scaredy cat, there’s the child who wants to watch Tim Burton‘s Nightmare Before Christmas on a loop. ParaNorman is the latest entry in the genre of macabre children’s tales, and like Nightmare and Coraline before it, it’s stop motion animated. And now there’s a trailer, check it out…

Like Coraline, this comes from Laika studios, though without the direction of Henry Selick. Coraline was a hit for them, and it looks like they’re going to make a go at a steady stream of stop motion animation. ParaNorman is obviously very important to them, as it’s a make or break film that doesn’t have someone like Selick behind the wheel. They are building a brand, and they need to have a couple of wins under their belt. Here’s the trailer:

I like what I’m seeing, and you can hear the voices of Anna Kendrick, John Goodman and star Kodi Smit-McPhee. The film also features Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Casey Affleck and Leslie Mann, and is scheduled to open August 17. That’s a smart date for them. If it works, and competition is light, they may be able to play into the Halloween season. Frankenweenie is scheduled to open October 5, and it will be interesting to see who wins in the battle of ghoulish stop motion children’s entertainment.

ParaNorman Vs. Frankenweenie – Who do you think will win?