Ok, just in case the headline wasn’t clear enough, let’s make this clear now: SPOILER ALERT!, the death of a major character in The Walking Dead TV series has been accidentally announced by AMC when the network unveiled the special features to the upcoming Walking Dead Season Two box set.   Be warned, the information is after the jump.

Fans of The Walking Dead comic series are aware that Jon Bernthal‘s character Shane dies early in the graphic novels, and viewers of the show who follow entertainment news will have already noted that Bernthal has already been cast in a new TV show, L.A. Noir (which is indicative that his days on Dead are numbered).  But, in case that wasn’t enough to give fans a giant red flag that the increasingly renegade Shane wasn’t going to make it out of Season Two alive, AMC decided to go ahead and accidentally leak the info for you.

In an ad in AMC’s online store for the Season Two box set of The Walking Dead, a special feature titled “Shane’s Last Episode” is clearly noted.   Now, the Blu-Ray set has been removed from AMC’s online store, and the network has noted that “the post on the AMC store was completely unauthorized. The matter is currently under investigation.”  Whatever the reasons for the leak, it looks like Shane’s fate is sealed.

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Source:  THR