Weekends like these make you feel bad for people who assemble theater marquees. Sure, they have X’s, but outside of Exorcism and X-Men movies, it doesn’t get much use. But this weekend you not only have The Lorax, but Project X as well.  Perhaps they’ll use a K if need be. The first week of March has become a big money weekend now, and so these are serious competitors, with The Lorax looking at an over $40 Million weekend. Check out our predictions…

The big question with The Lorax is if Dr. Seuss and child-friendly trumps a small right wing movement to diss the movie. Lou Dobbs spouted off about the environmental message of the book, and that may be a war cry. That the film is produced by Universal – which is part of NBC, which owns the more liberal-centric MSNBC – could be extra icing on the hate cake. The problem with the material from day one was that it’s very pro-environment, and in our heavily politicized culture this was not going to go unnoticed. But it’s a kids movie, there haven’t been any in a while, and it’s in 3-D and on Imax screens. It’ll make some money, somewhere over $40 Million for sure.

Project X also faces a problem, in that it should appeal mostly to teenagers, but is R rated (which is part of its appeal). Side note: F-Found Footage. Hate it. But done at a low budget, it should be a quick money-maker for Warner Brothers, and if it’s embraced, then it could easily do over $100 Million. Right now the projections are low, but with a film like this word of mouth will be everything, and there may be a real time word of mouth build come Friday. The generation this is targeted at are the Twitter and Facebook generation, and if they go for it, it could explode.

After that, it’s all the old stuff.

So let’s predict:

  1. The Lorax – $47 Million
  2. Project X – $23.5 Million
  3. Act of Valor – $12.7 Million
  4. Journey 2 – $10 Million
  5. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds - $6.5 Million

We could also see Act of Valor hold stronger. I tend to predict conservatively, but I’m going high on Project X because of – wait for it – an X factor that I think is there for this project. Ugh.

What are you going to watch this weekend?