Earlier this month, we announced that ScreenCrave would be taking part in a ticket giveaway to the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games in March.  Fans were asked to craft an answer to the following question: who is your favorite character in the Hunger Games series, and why?  And, after sifting through the nearly 1,000 replies, we have a winner!

After spending the past week pouring over the numerous replies, ScreenCrave has selected Spencer Kim as our winner.  Kim selected Haymitch (portrayed by Woody Harrelson in the upcoming film) as the best character in the series, which concerns a future in which groups of teenagers are forced to kill one another in “The Hunger Games” for the entertainment of the masses.  Kim had this to say about Haymitch:

“Haymitch is one of the most complex characters in Hunger Games. His gruff attitude and drunken lifestyle are understandable considering his past. Every year he has had to raise tributes like a father, teaching them everything he knows about survival, and then watches the children inevitably die in the Hunger Games. Suffering an agonizing loss every year is no easy thing to handle, and it’s amazing that Haymitch even has the energy to continue living.

“He is more than just a surly drunk. He is the guiding light Peeta and Katniss need in the chaos and darkness of the Hunger Games. Haymitch is a man who is not afraid of what others perceive him to be. In short, Haymitch is one of the most incredible people in all of the districts.”

And now Kim is set to attend The Hunger Games’ L.A. premiere in March, thanks to the above answer.  Congrats to Kim, and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, and is set for a March 23 release.

Will you be seeing The Hunger Games?