After dropping an official poster on us on Tuesday, today Marvel has unloaded their newest The Avengers trailer, chock full of Robert Downey Jr-isms, dramatic music, more Hulk, more villains, and thankfully, very little of Cap America’s silly, decidedly un-cinematic uniform.  Check out the full trailer below!

The newest trailer seems to be far more focused on the conflict between Avengers, featuring as it does a three-way battle between Iron Man, the Captain, and Thor, as well as what appears to be some friction between the Hulk and Black Widow, and Black Widow and Hawkeye.  Also, we see a bit more of the film’s villainy, which includes Loki, as well as some kind of steampunk flying caterpillar thing at the very end.  And yes, “steampunk flying caterpillar thing” is my official name for that object until further notice.


So, what did you think?  The trailer features far more action than the last one, as well as the inclusion of the “we’ll have to overcome our differences and learn to work as one to beat this thing” theme that was always a hallmark of the Avengers comics.  It still looks like it could slip off into Fantastic Four schlock, but for now, we’re cautiously optimistic about The Avengers.

Will you assemble for the film on May 4th?

Source: /Film