The time has come to say goodbye to the films of 2011. Au revoir The Artist, see you on Netflix! No more Michael Fassbender puns, or Octavia Spencer acceptance speeches. So what better way to say goodbye, and celebrate the Oscars, than by toasting Hollywood’s cream of the crop with a fun drinking game? We understand that some of these awards shows can get a bit boring, even a bit awkward, but let’s make the best of it. We’ve put together an Oscars Drinking Game that’ll be sure to entertain you all night long–just make sure you do it at home, or are paired with a designated driver. Check it out!

Without further ado, here are the rules –

Have A Good Sip Of Your Beer or Wine Every Time:

  • The orchestra interrupts a speech
  • The camera cuts to George Clooney
  • The camera cuts to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  • There’s a montage
  • There’s a musical number
  • Someone mentions Whitney Houston
  • There’s a Muppet onscreen
  • Billy Crystal jokes about his height
  • Billy Crystal jokes about being Eddie Murphy‘s replacement
  • Billy Crystal mentions his past experience as an Oscar host
  • The camera cuts to Jack Nicholson wearing his sunglasses
  • The Artist wins an award
  • Martin Scorsese wins an award

And Now For Shots – Take One Shot If:

  • Someone starts to cry during their speech
  • Someone mentions ‘God’ during their speech
  • A winner looks confused as to which direction to walk out and has to be corrected and guided by the presenter
  • There’s an animal on stage – Uggie!
  • Someone drops an F-bomb
  • Someone slips/trips/falls
  • Someone starts their speech by thanking the Academy
  • Someone starts their speech with ‘Wow’
  • A foreign winner apologizes for being foreign or for their accent
  • George Clooney mentions Michael Fassbender’s penis
  • George Clooney mentions anything concerning Brad Pitt
  • Someone claims they had no idea they’d win and have nothing prepared
  • Aaron Sorkin mentions his daughter
  • Someone thanks their grade school teacher
  • A presenter kisses the winner onstage
  • Someone drops their Oscar
  • Someone kisses their Oscar

Now, Down One Whole Drink If:

  • No one mentions Whitney Houston
  • Octavia Spencer doesn’t win Best Supporting Actress
  • Melissa McCarthy beats out Octavia Spencer and wins Best Supporting Actress
  • Jonah Hill wins Best Supporting Actor
  • Woody Allen is a no-show
  • The Artist doesn’t win Best Picture

Those are the rules. Remember to drink responsibly, and most importantly, have fun! Also, feel free to add  your own rules in the comment section below.

Will you be watching the Oscars this Sunday?