Yesterday, we reported that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may revoke comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s tickets to the Academy Awards on Sunday if he arrives to the awards ceremony dressed as the titular character from his upcoming film, The Dictator.  And because the news that story generated is just about the best promotion the film could ask for—because the trailer certainly didn’t do it many favors—Cohen has now released a video response to the non-controversy, in character as the dictator.

In the video, Cohen fires off a few cute lines, but, much like the trailer to the film, this video clip feels strangely flat and unfunny, coming as it does behind the comedic mastermind that made Bruno.  Something about the schtick-y nature of the character, perhaps, but the entirety of what has been seen of The Dictator thus far just plays as one long, unfunny late-period Mike Myers premise.  Check out the video:

Well, am I wrong?  Is this funny?  Or does it just feel like a desperate attempt to hijack some free press for a film that doesn’t look that great to begin with (just as dressing up as the dictator while attending the Oscars would have done)?  Let us know your feelings in the comments wall below.