Curious as to what, exactly, the Incredible Hulk would look like in the upcoming Avengers film?  Well, in case you didn’t comb through the Super Bowl trailer for the superhero film frame by frame, you may have missed the detail in the one shot of the big green guy who has yet to be as featured in the media as the rest of his teammates.  And, after the jump, you can take a look at the new Incredible Hulk for yourself.

Easily putting to shame the last two CGI Hulks that always looked a little plastic and wonky on the big screen, this new Hulk appears to be taking advantage of the best and latest that CGI has to offer, looking far more “real” than previous incarnations of the not so jolly green giant (ugh, forgive me).  While he doesn’t quite resemble Mark Ruffalo as much as one would expect (Ruffalo is portraying the Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner), it’s still a marked improvement, and better than we expected to see.

As for you—what do you think?  The Hulk has yet to avoid looking cartoonish and silly on the big screen.  Do you think he’ll finally get his due in The Avengers?

Source: /Film