Just yesterday, we published a new picture from the set of set of Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, along with a video blog from director Sam Mendes.  Today, we have even more 007 news for you—it looks like James Bond, after 50 years on the big screen (literally—Dr. No was released in 1962), will finally make his debut in the IMAX format.

On Thursday, IMAX told investors “it will screen more fanboy movie titles in its global network going forward, compared to animated films, and more local language titles screening in Imax theaters in major markets like China and India.”  One such “fanboy” title will be Skyfall, which IMAX will digitally remaster and release simultaneously with the film’s worldwide release on October 26, and its United States release on November 9, 2012.  The film will have to be remastered as, unlike Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall is not being shot with IMAX cameras.

It’s a  savvy move on the part of IMAX, as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol showed both the industry as well as filmgoers that IMAX could be a far more viable, entertaining, and thrilling theatrical format as opposed to the more gimmicky and clunky 3-D.

Will an IMAX 007 leave you shaken, or stirred? (please, please forgive me, it’s early and that’s the best I’ve got)

Source: THR