Pixar may be the zenith for animation these days, but with their summer film Brave, they’re shaking things up. For the first time in their twenty-plus year career, they’re finally making a film that has a woman as its lead. There may be some cross pollination here, though, as their new main character (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) seems to be a Disney princess – but with a Pixar twist. The latest trailer highlights what makes her different. Check it out…

This trailer also takes a completely different approach to trailer-ing than we’ve seen lately – and for the better – in that it just focuses on one scene in the film. It introduces the main character in a very familiar archery setting, which – if you know Robin Hood – you can tell how the scene will play out:

Brave also showcases how far CG animation has progressed. Hair used to be the world’s biggest nightmare, but now they can do anything they want with hair. I like this spot, I think it’s good in that it gives you a sense of tone instead of quick cut images of excitment. The previous teaser trailer highlighted that the main character must face some kind of monster (or – as is often the case these days – a perceived monster that actually turns out to be misunderstood), here we just get a sense that this is about a kick-ass girl who will be no man’s bride without her choosing.

This also raises interesting questions about the film’s politics. Will we see the princess married at the end? And who will complain about modern mores covering what amounts to a period film (though one set in a fantasy, which would negate the need for reality)? Of late we’ve seen Fox News beat the drum against children’s entertainment that promotes supposedly liberal values (The Muppets, The Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax have all been insulted by old white men for promoting environmentally green values), will this be a victim of that sort of attack? We’ll know for sure June 22, when the film is released.

Did you like the trailer?