After dropping such nuggets as a red-band teaser trailer and it’s more well-behaved, green-band teaser sibling on us last fall, American Reunion now has an official theatrical trailer.  And guess what?  There are awkward sexual peccadilloes!  Jim’s dad says something embarrassing!  Stifler is rude and socially unaware!  Jim feels tempted to stray!  Oddly touching stratums of nostalgia and friendship are woven into the story!  Hilariously (and not dated at all) MILF jokes!  Oh, how the hilarity and surprises continue on, even into a new decade.

The trailer, like the teaser, finds the original gang all grown up and saddled with marriages, babies, and blubber, reuniting once again for, well, a reunion.  A high school reunion, that is, in which everyone sees how far they’ve come and how far they have yet to go and—ugh, you know what?  Just what the trailer.  You get the idea.

So there you have it.  While the original American Pie film was a solid and touching high school comedy, each successive sequel has just been a variation on the same theme, simply replacing the words “high school” with “college” and then “wedding.”  This film looks to be no different; that said, there were a few good gags in the trailer.  Still, I suppose there can’t be that many sequels left, once they get American Mortgage, American Midlife Crises, American Divorce, and American Nursing Home Your Kids Left You In Because, Seriously, You’re Just Awful Now And You’re Still Having Sex With Pastry Dishes, Which Isn’t Nearly As Cute Now That You’re Senile.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: Yahoo Movies