The winter finale of “Glee” was a bag of mixed emotions. Just a few days before Regionals, the New Directions got some devastating news involving a former classmate. There were a lot of emotional conversations that ended in tears, but also many inspirational moments and performances. In the end, we were left with a huge cliffhanger concerning the fate of a certain McKinley student (hint: she’s blonde). Find out what happened during last night’s winter finale.

The Players:

  • Director: Bradley Buecker
  • Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison, Ashley Fink, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Cheyenne, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Jane Lynch, and Mike O’Malley

Episode Title: “On My Way”

It’s time for Regionals! Things heat up as New Directions compete against the Dalton Academy Warblers.

The Good:

  • David Karofsky (SPOILERS!): Karofsky relives a nightmare, only this time he’s the bullied, not the bully. During Karofsky’s meeting with Kurt at Breadsticks last week, one of his football buddies spotted him and connected the dots about his sexuality. This week, the secret was out, and Karofsky was the target of high school bullies, who spray-painted the word ‘fag’ across his locker. Not being able to handle the humiliation, Karofsky attempted to hang himself. Everyone at McKinley took the news a different way. Kurt felt partly responsible for ignoring all of Karofsky’s calls days before; Rachel and Finn took this as a sign that life’s too short; and Quinn felt that it was a selfish thing for Karofsky to do. Suicide is never an easy topic, but the writers were able to handle it well by showing the different reactions.
  • Peanut Butter Circle: Mr. Schue decides to get the New Directions together to remind them that, nothing, absolutely nothing is worth taking your life away. He creates a circle where he shares his own experience with suicide. One by one, the Glee kids share some of the things they’re looking forward to. It was an homage to The Breakfast Club. Also, it got the kids excited about Regionals all over again.
  • Life’s To Short: The underlying theme of last night’s episode was, ‘life’s too short to even care at all,’ which coincidentally are the lyrics to a song by Young the Giant.
  • Quinn and Sue (SPOILERS!): Quinn attempted to get back on the Cheerios. At first, Coach Sylvester denied her request, but after watching Quinn get overshadowed at Regionals, she decided to box a Cheerios uniform, and welcomed Quinn to the team. It’s nice to see that Sue has matured, especially now that she’s going to be a mother.
  • Kurt and Karofsky: Towards the end of the episode, Kurt visits Karofsky at the hospital, and the two share a beautiful moment. Kurt asks Karofsky to imagine life 10 years from now, the same way Mr. Schue asked the New Directions during the ‘Peanut Butter Circle’. The two hold hands, and Karofsky tears up as he imagines his life as a successful sports agent with a loving family. It was almost heartbreaking.
  • Best Line: Sebastian greets Rachel and Kurt, “Wow, wow, wow. If it isn’t a young Barbra Streisand and an old Betty White.”

The So-So:

  • Photoshopped Finn: Sebastian tries to blackmail Rachel to not perform at Regionals by showing her a silly photo of Finn, naked. Obviously it’s not really Finn, but a Photoshopped picture of him with a small, brown penis. He threats to upload the picture unto the internet, where everyone will always be able to see it. Despite everything, Sebastian is an entertaining and somewhat charming character. It’s nice to see him around. Still, this was just silly.

Anything Else?:

  • Quinn’s Fate (SPOILERS!): In the end, Quinn gets into a car accident. We still don’t know her fate, so we’re left with tons of questions – Will she live? Will she die? Will she be stuck in a coma for several years? We’ll find out when the show returns April 10th.
  • Getting Hitched: Rachel and Finn are getting hitched. They don’t want to wait any longer. We still don’t know whether the wedding will actually happen or not, but it seems like they’re pretty determined.

The Music:

  • “Cough Syrup,” Young the Giant – Blaine sings while Karofsky attempts to take his life. Powerful stuff.
  • “Stand” Lenny Kravitz – A fun performance by The Warblers.
  • “Glad You Came,” The Wanted – This is The Warblers second number at Regionals. Again, fun stuff, but not extraordinary.
  • “She Walks In Beauty” Lord Byron – Not really sure what this was. The number was too short to call it an actual performance.
  • “Fly / I Believe I Can Fly,” Nicki Minaj/R.Kelly – Of course Santana would be the one chosen to rap Nicki Minaj’s lyrics. She has the attitude to pull it off. Meanwhile, Arty performed the male vocals, and the New Directions harmonized in the background.
  • “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger),” Kelly Clarkson – The Troubletones get to perform a number of their own, with Mercedes leading the group.
  • “Here’s To Us,” Halestorm – This wasn’t Rachel’s best solo, but seeing her dads in the audience was pretty great. You can tell they are so proud of her. Sweet!


The big cliffhanger is Quinn’s fate. She’s an extremely complex character, who has been through a lot. In the last few episodes it seemed like she was going to make it, like she had survived everything that happened to her, until now. Overall, the winter finale was a great episode loaded with emotional moments and solid performances. And yes, the New Directions win Regionals.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Glee” returns April 10, 2012.

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