Though Edgar Wright has recently tweeted about working on his third movie with Simon Pegg (and Nick Frost), it appears he may be sidetracked from that. Deadline Hollywood announced that he’s going to be helming The Night Stalker, starring Johnny Depp. It’s a project Depp had set up with Disney, but there was no one attached to direct until now. As Deadline notes, it will start going into production after Depp finishes The Lone Ranger.

The only other thing that could sidetrack this project would be Depp being dragged into doing more Pirates of the Caribbean films beforehand, and he’s also got The Thin Man movie on his plate. At the end of the day this is nowhere close to being done, though Wright’s hiring, and Depp’s interest in the project, means chances are you’ll be seeing this by 2014.

Though Edgar Wright is a beloved film-maker, there’s no getting around that Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World was a box office failure, and to continue working with A-list budgets, Wright was more than likely to have to do a project like this. Or – as it’s often called – the “one for them, one for you” model. This seems like the best sort of compromise as the gothic nature of the material, and the dark humor that comes from supernatural detecting, seems right up his alley. And though Depp has become a bit lazy over the last couple of years, he’s still one of our finest actors. There’s still a lot of time before this hits the big screen, but this is great news.

Does Depp + Wright = fried gold?