If you recall, we reported last week that Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report abruptly halted production for two episodes, with Comedy Central offering now explanation for the hiatus of their satirical news program beyond the fact that it was happening because of unforeseen circumstances.  Well, Colbert returned on Monday night, and offered a cryptic possible explanation for his program’s absence.

After joking that he did not halt his show in order to run for president, while also denying Joan Rivers’ assertions that he was getting his nose done (he then suggested he was having work done on his buttocks), Colbert appeared to offer up an ambiguous confirmation that the reasons for the hiatus concerned his ailing, 91 year old mother.

At one point, Colbert saluted the camera and stated that “Oh, and one more thing… Evidently, having 11 children makes you tough as nails. Confidential to a lovely lady,” in what was a touching moment from the usually insanely patriotic and conservative character that Colbert portrays on the show.  Colbert is one of 11 siblings (two of which died in 1974 in a plane crash with Colbert’s father).

Colbert’s mother, Lorna, has been reportedly ill of late.

What do you think of the Colbert Report news?

Source:  Chicago Tribune