What if they made a $300 Million dollar film and no one came? What if that film makes $100 Million domestically or less? Men in Black III is sure to have been extra expensive, with a protracted shooting schedule, multiple reshoots, and the biggest star in the world in Will Smith. It’s also a sequel that no one wanted, and from the evidence of the multiple reshoots, a film that was started before they even had their film. Check out some stills from the troubled shoot (via Empire)….

For film fans, we’ve seen movie budgets balloon up to unreasonable heights where a standard tentpole release can cost anywhere from $150 – if it’s done cheap – to $300 Million plus. The grand champion of this is Avatar, which was rumored to cost a half a billion. As I’ve said before The Hunt for Red October cost $30 Million in 1990, and there’s no way you could do that movie now for under $100 Million. In that way Avatar – being the lightning rod for inflated budgets – is much like The Sound of Music in the 1960′s. That film was wildly successful and led to a number of hugely expensive musicals that ended up killing studios interest in musicals. Isn’t that where we are?

So, back to Men in Black III.  The film comes out May 25 for Memorial Day. There appears to be no buzz expect from people like myself who are curious if anyone wants it, and curious if it’s a complete disaster. Perhaps this is on my mind because John Carter opens in two weeks, and it cost a lot of money and will probably never make that money back. How many disasters can Hollywood weather? And what will it say when a film can make $100 Million and be considered a bomb?

Anyway, look at these pictures:

Are you excited for the return of the Men in Black?