The Dan complex continued in last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl“. After Serena predictably walked in on Dan and Blair kissing at The Spectator Valentine’s Day party last week, all hell broke loose between the two best friends. Usually, the Blair/Serena fights begin because Serena takes something Blair wants, but this time, there was a shift – Blair took something Serena wanted, little old Dan. Meanwhile, there’s Charlie and Charlie, who came face to face in ‘Crazy, Cupid, Love’. Last night we got to see the aftermath, and it wasn’t pretty. Let’s go over the ups and downs of ‘Cross Rhodes’.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Cross Rhodes

Dan discovers that a comedy group is performing excerpts from his book. Elsewhere, Blair attempts to salvage her friendship with Serena; and Ivy runs into the van der Woodsens as she heads out of town.

The Good:

  • Dorota Takes Action!: In an attempt to salvage Blair and Serena’s friendship, the always adorable Dorota locks them inside the dining room. Sure, it’s a bit dramatic, but it’s one of the reasons we love Dorota, she’s always trying to help the situation.
  • More Than Friends: Fed up with Blair’s feelings of denial towards him, Dan finally steps up and tells it like it is. He lets Blair know that he’s not interested in being her friend because he wants to be more than that. About time he cleared that up for her!
  • Evil Chuck Makes An Appearance (SPOILERS!): Seeing a photo of Dan and Blair kissing must’ve shaken Chuck to the core. Chuck plots revenge against Dan by sending the wrong book proposal to the publishing house. It’s admirable to see the lengths Chuck will go to for the woman he loves, and nice to see that he’s still got some character left. We do miss those scheming ventures he and Blair use to go on.

The So-So:

  • Comedy Show: The Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York decides to parody Dan’s book Inside. Coincidentally, real Charlie is part of the comedy club, runs into Dan, and somehow convinces him to stop by the rehearsal show. The whole ‘event’ was a plot to 1. get the whole gang together, 2. have Serena walk in on Dan and Blair kissing again, and 3. get Blair to realize her true feelings for Dan. If only the comedy show had actually been funny… too bad it wasn’t.
  • Clash Of The Charlies (SPOILERS!): Ivy is exposed, and the real Charlie exposes herself to the van der Woodsens. The lies have been exposed and it’s like nothing happened. Shouldn’t these people be furious? Ivy lied and stole from the van der Woodsens, and all she gets is a sour goodbye from Serena? We’re hoping there’s more to this story.

The Bad:

  • Déjà Vu (SPOILERS!): Do the writers really expect us to believe that Blair would be so naive to kiss Dan a second time, in public? Sorry, but we don’t buy it. Getting Serena to walk in on Dan and Blair kissing again was a cheap shot. C’mon!
  • Là Où Est Le Louie: We’d like to know where Prince Louie is hiding these days? And why doesn’t it feel like nothing’s changed in Blair’s life? Was the royal wedding a dream?


Another loaded episode – It seems like the Dan/Blair relationship is making progress, but it’s sad to see that the Blair/Chuck relationship is losing steam. The latter was once one of the most passionate love stories on this show, and now it has fallen into the background.

Rating: 6.5/10

“Gossip Girl” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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