When she’s not busy not doing mountains of cocaine, not shoplifting, not making a public and depressing spectacle of herself, and not taking the goodwill her early fame generating and burning it to the ground with a very public and ego-driven flame out in which she crashes and burns while we stand around the fire with marshmallows on sticks and hot cocoa (because she’d totally not do those things, you guyz! WTF! LOL!), Lindsay Lohan is apparently rehearsing her lines (the dialogue kind, not the Colombian variety) in preparation for her return to Saturday Night Live.

This will be Lohan’s fourth time hosting the long-running live sketch comedy program, and, if one can recall, her hosting stints in 2004, 2005, and 2006 ranged from the “pretty funny” to “not terrible” range, which is just about as good as both fans of Lindsay Lohan and Saturday Night Live can hope for these days.  Lohan is set to return for the March 3rd episode, in which the musical guest will be Jack White.

The  hosting gig comes after Lohan last made news in December for posing nude in Playboy, which is maneuver #13 in the Falling Stars playbook (“Ironically Starring on SNL and Mocking One’s Follies” is #37, fyi).

What do you think of the Lohan news?

Source:  Detroit Free Press