Curious about NBC’s new mind-twisting drama Awake, which premieres on March 1st?  Well, NBC has decided to post the pilot episode online two weeks early, and you can view the full episode after the jump!  Awake focuses on a police detective played by Jason Isaacs, a man who somehow keeps slipping back and forth between two parallel realities.

That’s right, parallel realities.  The plot goes something like this: detective Michael Britten wakes up after a car accident with his wife, Hannah, and his son, Rex.  He finds that he is slipping back and forth between two parallel realities—in one world, Hannah is still alive but Rex is dead; in the other, Rex is alive, but Hannah was killed in the accident.  Britten begins to live two lives as he bounces back and forth between the two worlds, facing the different problems that begin to occur in the two divergent realities, while at the same time discovering that the two realities may be linked together.

Intrigued?  Well, check out the pilot episode below.  It’s pretty wild—you may want to take notes!

What did you think of the pilot episode?  And of NBC’s decision to leak it early?

Source: NBC