It’s fair game to spoil a five year old movie, right? 2007′s I Am Legend ends with the reveal that Will Smith’s character was a ghost the whole time. Or he dies. Something like that. You would think that would make it harder to do I Am Legend: Again, or I Am Legender, or 2 Am Legend. But – as Deadline is reporting – they’re going back for more. The reason? $584 Million worldwide gross.

Smith is currently unattached, but Warner Brothers has paid Akiva Goldsman and Overbrook Entertainment to start working on a follow up or prequel. As Smith is essential to the mix, it seems likely that it would have to be some sort of prequel, but since it’s science fiction, they could come up with any number of reasons to bring Smith back.

Smith is going to be in a weird position shortly . Though 2008′s Seven Pounds was a modest money-maker, it was his first stumble, and he hasn’t made a film since. His first film in four years is this summer’s Men in Black III, which was a troubled production and is a follow up to a ten-year-old film no one really liked, and his next project is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who hasn’t had a blockbuster since 2002′s Signs. They say that Smith is our last movie star, but both those projects could be disasters. Perhaps he will make a second Legend, which – at this rate – wouldn’t hit theaters until late 2013 at the earliest. Seems like a long wait to go back to the well, and by then it’s hard to say if audiences will be as high on Smith as they once were.

What’s your Favorite Will Smith performance?